Children with social learning challenges ...

        do their best when they are supported by parents and teachers who are confident and skilled in helping them learn how to navigate the social world. I'm honored to be able to bring my professional expertise, education and personal experience together to serve parents and teachers so they can do their best.

As a school counselor who specializes in social learning, and as a consultant to several schools, I have an insider's understanding of both the difficulties and the possibilities in supporting children with social learning challenges in a mainstream school. As a professional with a solid mental health background, and years of experience running a well-regarded social skills practice, I am trained to think clinically and to collaborate with colleagues with a variety of professional points of view. But it is because of my experience as a parent of a teen and a tween -- one of whom identifies as an "Aspie," while the other is neurotypical -- that my heart is in my work. 

My offerings all focus on helping parents and teachers develop confidence and skill in supporting the healthy development of children with social learning challenges, including:

  • Parent consulting on organizing and maximizing the value of multiple interventions
  • Parent support in understanding and accepting a diagnosis
  • Consulting with schools on supporting specific students
  • Professional development for faculty and administrators 

Please contact me at if you would like to find out more about working with me as a consultant, attending my workshops or parent education series, or consider me as a speaker on social learning for parents or faculty.